...these silver lines, travel from my thoughts to yours, wavering, floating like spirits dancing...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I remember...

I remember those days
those books, those games...

I remember those toys,
those tears, those joys...

I remember the fun and the fear too...
I remember those pens and those colours too...

I remember those circles,
those squares, those curves...

I remember those trinklets
in those treasure troves...

The Guru's Lesson

Student: But I don’t understand…

Guru: It will come to you. It will take time. Have some patience. You will understand everything in due time

Student: What if I never understand?

Guru: You are not alone. There are ways to decipher the sweet mysteries of life. You will meet other people. Go to different places and be different people at different times. The only thing that will remain the same is Nature. Let Mother Nature guide you through the sands of time.

Student: but I’m so unsure of myself. What if I fail?

Guru: What if you succeed? And then what is failure or success? Both are different sides of the same coin. Remember winning or losing is not important. The glass should always remain half-full! Half-full!

Student: You mean that I should be positive no matter what and keep a happy face in the face of the fiercest of storms?

Guru: That’s right. You will learn more as you go along life’s path and teach other who ask for your guidance.


There exists one truth for those who wish to see... one truth in life, one truth in eternity, one truth in perfection.

To try and make sense of the world would be a futile effort. Because the world is ever-changing and never the same. This constant state of changing is what Mother Nature has made of it. It is in the Grand Design - the Blue Prints of the Master Plan. So when the Plan has already been designed and that too in a a state of constant changing, what use is there of trying to make sense out of it?

Life is larger than that. you are larger than that. Understand yourself first. When you become aware of the Power in you, the Power that is you, you would feel much more content with your surroundings - no matter if the world looks around you in speculation. You will be at home.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleepy Saturday...

So this morning, I woke up, so-not-feeling like going to office, knowing it was saturday, and most of my friends don't go to office on saturdays! and I was still feeling sleepy... but eventually I had to haul myself out of bed.... Its getting chillier each morning, and I think pretty soon, the blanky that I take won't be enough to guard against the quickly approaching cold nights of Lahore. I know some people would say, it's not that cold, and indeed, during the day, its quite warm, but the nights are undoubtedly, a little chilly, for me at least, and I'm not complaining, cause I love the chilliness.. :D

Breakfast had to be something quickfix today, so an omelette was quickly whipped up...

and I added some chopped onions...

and chopped cabbage....

And viola, a smashing, spicy, yummy, fluffly omelette was born!

Better not get into too many details, my mouth will start to water!

A tip for making fluffy omelettes!!!

First make sure that you use enough oil for frying, i.e around 2 to 3 tb of good canola or vegetable oil. Cook on medium high heat. Then, when the omelette has been frying for lets say 10 to 15 secs, with a fork, mess it around in the frying pan, like you do for scambled eggs, but you're not going to mess it too much! Flip and cook on both sides till a delicious golden brown.

For an extra va va voom, add a little milk to your omelette mixture before frying.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Relentless messengers

Well, apparently, the complaint at the Warid helpline didn't work on one of the numbers, and I had to report another complaint. Finally, now, I'm at peace, and no more messengers. Sadly though, I still don't have any of those messages saved in my inbox in my phone or I would have diplayed them as examples...

Got to hear from an old friend who'd added me on facebook :)

So.... I'm at office right now, and drinking one hot cup of Cinnamon Spice Tea, by Dilmah... and nibbling on a Kellogg's energy Fruit 'n Fibre bar... Mmmmm yummy!!!

I thought I would chronicle the breakfasts I have everyday here as well, cause well, for me breakfasts are the highlight of my day and since I'm a morning person, so I love my breakfasts!!!

Today, I was all set and prepared to have pancakes with my sauted apples, honey and golden
syrup ... when I found out that there was no flour....! Imagine that! No flour!!! Well, then I decided to do the next best thing.... I decided to make some French toast....! with the same sauted apples, honey and golden syrup....

Quite good, except I didn't have coffee :(

It's getting a little chilly and I love it....! Can't wait for winters! =)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Of forwarded messages and unknown numbers!

Like most sane (?) people, I too own a mobile phone. Like most sane (?) people, I too have suffered forwarded messages from unknown people. They wouldn't bother you much, until and unless the sender claimed to know ALL about you, including your name, and used your name with the messages.

I was having thoughts that this unknown sender, using 3 different numbers, was the same person who used to message me some while ago, and who claimed then as well, that he knew me, and that his offer of friendship was pure (oh really?)

I use Warid, and the numbers from which I received these messages, were also Warid numbers, so today, after getting really annoyed by the relentless stream of these messages, I call the Warid Help Line, and file a complaint.

So far so good, no bogus messages.... thank god. So work is peaceful, and I'm happy :)

But nonetheless, I'm amazed that people still have the time and the patience to send forwarded messages, and persue people who are genuinely NOT interested in their offers. But what can be done? right?

I cringe at most of these messages... most are of shairs, and stupid shairy, that's trying very hard to be romantic and lovey dovey, but failing miserably, I think you know the type. Unfortunately, I don't have any samples, or I would've gladly demonstrated the kind. But as it is, I deleted them, some before even reading them...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love or the Absence of it

(A feature I wrote a while back)

Love or the Absence of it

The modern human and his conceptualization of love

Why has the modern person diverted from the path of romance and love? Is physical desire and sexual satisfaction all that constitutes the meaning of love for the modern man? Why is there so much dissatisfaction and resentment between the sexes? Bushra Azeem explores the modern concept of love…

Modern relationships have taken on a new turn. No longer are couples looking for long-term commitments and deeper feelings, rather they are searching for something instant and handy-much like instant coffee! Gone are the days when foreplay and romance were considered essentials in wooing a woman. Now, the mere display of wealth and a choice selection of words will get you anywhere. The charms of romance – a love poem brimming with a lover’s desire, a bundle of red roses, love notes tucked away in secret places, sweet candy to denote strong emotions, holding hands while talking over cups of tea – have all slowly and gradually withered away.

Young couples seeking a relationship are not looking for the same things as their elders just a generation ago. Physical satisfaction and the need to be seen with someone and be in a relationship just for the heck of it, is basically what motivates these young people to hook up with someone.

Their elders are no better however. They have years of more experience under their bag, and are experts in the art of deception and lying. These maestros will do anything to get what they want and won’t lose much at their end of the bargain after all’s said and done. They consider dating a game and mere child’s play and so clever are their ways, that is difficult to know exactly when they are lying and when they are telling the truth.

Relationships today are not based on deeper feelings and sentiments, but are artificial and superficial. They are not long-lasting and are usually made with some inner purpose. As soon as that purpose is fulfilled, the ‘relationship’ accelerates towards its demise. Fast forward a couple of weeks – or days in some cases! – and you have another ‘relationship’ brewing up.

This relationship/affair business may seem mind-boggling to the conservatists, traditionalists and ‘old-fashioned’ people like myself, but to these lot, it is nothing more than ‘passing time’ or ‘having fun’ or ‘enjoying life’ or ‘making the most out of their youth’. Life is already so complex, why make it more difficult by adding the burden of a relationship, they chant.

It is a misconception that in our society, it is only the male gender, specifically the young men, who engage in short flings or one night stands. Today, young women are also engaging themselves in similar activities. After all, the men need willing women to have their fun, don’t they? As the saying goes:

Jab main biwi razi, tou kiya kare ga qazi?”

Today, the very things that attracted men to women before, have altered. Young men prefer ‘bad girls’ – those who smoke, dope, sleep around, wear revealing clothes, and who don’t give a care to the world. Because, that would make it all the more easy to get in bed with them. Whereas, a shy, demure, decent looking ‘good girl’ or ‘behenji’ as they are popularly known, would take more effort, not to mention the patience and the hard work – and the uncertainty whether the girl will get trapped or not. Because ‘good girls’ are a hard, if not an impossible nut to crack.

The women too have changed as regards what they look for in a man. On the superficial level, a girl who has a very handsome or cute boyfriend will immediately have her status raised among her friends. Next to looks, but second to none of course, is money. The more the merrier. More cash means more gifts and more pampering for her. This is also a misconception however, since many rich lads tend to be miserly bastards, who would spend millions on themselves but not a penny on their lasses.
An 18 year old student from Cardinal School, who wished to remain anonymous said that he has had six girlfriends but was not in a serious relationship with any of them. When asked why, he replied that what was the use, when none of the girls were serious themselves. “I just want to have a good time because life comes only once and I choose to live it the way I see best.” When asked what he considers a ‘good time’, he replied with a snicker, “dating, sleeping around, doping-anything I want”.

Another student, Alishba, who is studying Film in Beaconhouse National University, said that she and her boyfriend Ahmer share an open-relationship. “Everyone in school knows we are boyfriend and girlfriend. I like the attention ‘cause Ahmer’s really popular, and I think Ahmer likes the attention too, ‘cause I’m pretty popular myself! I like being seen with him – as his girlfriend – although he’s really like the rest of my guy friends. I don’t have any expectations from him, but when I want to be with him, I just tell him.”

Nusrat is a 24 year old teacher at a private school. She lives with her grandmother, who is really old and sick. Since her own parents passed away when she was very young, Nusrat has to take care of her grandmother as well as earn money for her small family. When asked if she had ever been in a relationship, she replied that she left her first job for that very reason. She worked in a bank where she and her colleague met and got to know each other. “I was attracted to him and his gentlemanly ways and he also didn’t attempt to hide his affection for me. It was no surprise then, that when he asked me out only six weeks after I joined the bank, I accepted. We had a wonderful time, until a friend saw me having lunch with him at a restaurant during our lunch break, and later told me that her cousin was married to him! The worst part was that he didn’t deny it when I confronted him about it, instead he began to openly make suggestive passes at me attempting to get in bed with me. I was so shocked at this, I had to leave my job. I’m not hurt at his deception and his vile character, but the way he’s broken my trust in love’, she said with a sigh.

Omer Khalid is a young doctor who has just started his career. When asked if he had ever been in a relationship, he first felt reluctant to share his tale, but then openly told of his fiancé and how she had left him because his family was not financially sound enough for her likes. He loved her deeply and feels that he will never get over her completely. Many times he tried to win her over, but all in vain.

Mrs. Nausheen Riaz is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in relationships and marriage counseling. According to her, the bond between a man and woman is a very fragile one and when a couple enters a relationship both have their own expectations and needs from the other. When these needs and expectations are not met, dissatisfaction and resentment arises, often leading to conflicts and fights. “It is no surprise then why so many young people do not marry these days, because they do not have good examples of happily married couples in front of them. They see marriage as a stifling bond which will hinder their freedom. Whatever happened to love, nobody knows. In our age, marriage was the highest expression of ones’ love and desire for the other. To make a bond and share a life with a person is, in my opinion, the most romantic thing that ever exists!”, she said.

Despite the current trends in love and relationships, love must be kept alive, for it is the only thing that makes life worthwhile. The hopelessness must be washed away from the hearts of those who think love and loving someone is futile. The sanctity of marriage must not be mocked and scoffed at. A deeper understanding and better communication between the couples will yield better results and will ensure satisfaction for all.

“Keep love alive!”

Teray Ishq Nachaaya

Something I came across a while ago, and thought of sharing with you

A superlative translation of the old favourite by Bulleh Shah:

Tere Ishq Nachayya

Come fast o physician,
Or of life I'll be free;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.
The solitary sun has hidden away,
Leaving crimson tracery on the way,
By way of tribute to you
Life I'll forfeit, utterly undo
O beloved I erred so,
In not accompanying thee;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy

Within me love for you has made an abode,
I myself drank
The brimming poison lode;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.
Summon Bulleh Shah for Shah Inayat

has brought us to the door,
Whose love do I whirl bedecked in varied shades of green and red.
Whilst dancing rapturously
Beloved I found thee;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.

Muzaffar Ghaffar.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One whole year!

I just realized that it's been one whole year since I blogged last! tsk tsk tsk!
Well, starting from now would be a good time I guess... have much on my mind and much to share...
will post in detail soon.