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Friday, October 5, 2007

Panadol CF-Remedy in a capsule!

The flu finally takes hold. I had thought it might. Swallowing pills is really yucky... i keep thinking it's going to lodge somewhere in my throat, instead of going down smoothly. And then leaving a trail of its bitter taste down my tongue...
My throat felt really really itchy all day yesterday and today, and yesterday i had a temperature and the flu was at its worst. So, what do i do? I turn to my trusted Panadol...
Although the flu's much better, my throat still feels raw and my mouth feels parched, with a bad taste you get, when your stomach's not too good... It makes me feel like puking and I've been feeling pretty nauseous and dull the whole day. I wish I could have a glass of water, but I can't cause I'm fasting.
Well, come iftar, one more Panadol CF will come to my rescue! I know it will! I only hope it doesn't make me feel all puky and nauseous... arghhhhh... this is probably because of the weather change...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another flu-ey morning

So i wake up this morning with half of my nose blocked. I tried shifting positions, now trying the right side, now sleeping on the left, but it was no use, either one of the sides of my nose would be blocked. After a while of continuing to ward off the irritation of hampered breathing and vainly trying to bring back sleep, i decided it was best if i got up. It was chilly during the night so i had switched off the fan and worn a cover before going to sleep. But when i woke up, i found out that it was very warm and i had to push off the covers and haul myself, sleepily, grogilly to the switchboard. Again I tried to go back to sleep, although knowing that sleep would be impossible now. I sneezed and wheezed my way to the loo, feeling my throat constricted and itchy. Trudging back into my bedroom, I remembered I was supposed to post a blog last night, but the flu-ey feeling made me forget what the post was to be about. So, i decided to post about the flu-ey morning instead.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The concept of beauty

Beauty. One word. Many meanings. In my short life, I have come across many different perceptions on beauty, each one as differing and varied than the other. Surely, if beauty is given such a high seat in today’s time, surely then, people would hold a unanimous opinion on the definition on beauty. But as I found out, and as you will find out later for yourselves, this wasn’t the case. In fact, people hold completely opposing views on what beauty is from different corners of the world.

Why? I believe, that beauty like art, cannot be defined into a set of words all of which attempt, albeit feebly, to explain what it is. Therefore, to find out a perfect definition would be futile.

The second part of my dilemna started when I wanted to know why, in today’s modern world of the twenty-first century, people still hold beauty a very important deciding factor, if not the most important one, in almost all their day to day business.