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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best coffee in the world!

This is by far the best coffee I have managed to make at home so far. Totally delicious and very frothy. Just the way I like it, and probably you would too! Try it! :)

1 tbsp instant coffee granules
1 tsp white cane sugar
1 tsp brown sugar
half cup milk
half cup water
2tsp cream
1 tsp of icing sugar
a pinch of cinammon powder
a pink of cocoa powder

Heat the milk and water separetely. Meanwhile, in a cup, measure out the coffee, white sugar and brown sugar. Add a tablespoon of the hot water and whisk away till a light caramel colour. You may need to heat the milk and the water again while you whisk. Now add a little bit of the hot milk and mix the coffee mixture in it really well before adding the rest of the milk followed by the hot water.

Whisk the cream with the icing sugar till soft peaks form. Now spoon the cream on top of the frothy coffee and sprinkle the cinammon powder and cocoa powder on top. Feast on this dreamy, frothy delight!

Btw, while searching for a few pictures to go with this post, I came across this really interesting blog post all about coffee and it's benefits. And this too!

Breakfast bruschetta

Breakfast bruschetta

For breakfast today, I made my take on a breakfast bruschetta. I used plain white bread, cut it in quarters and toasted the pieces in some extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan, until they were a delicious golden brown colour. For the topping I boiled an egg, chopped it some rough pieces. Same with a ripe red tomato. And a handful of green olives in brine. I didn’t have any cheese on hand, so I used some Thousand Island Dressing instead. Then just assembled everything one on top of everything else… so easy, and I must say, a couple of toasted bread pieces disappeared before I could assemble them! A very fulfilling breakfast, full of yummy flavor, and all the energy you need to go through the day!

2 pieces of bread (choose any you like)

2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

One egg

One tomato

A handful of green olives

3 tbsp of Thousand Island Dressing

Freshly ground black pepper

Toast the bread pieces in some extra virgin olive oil till a nice golden colour. Bring to plate. Spread a little of the Thousand Island Dressing on top of the bread, and then the chopped boiled egg. Now spread a little more Thousand Island Dressing on top of the egg, and then the tomatoes and green olives. Sprinkle a little fresh ground pepper and munch away!


PS. I must say that in my hurry to eat the bruschetta and in greed, I didn't get a chance to photograph the beautiful pieces, the colours were just amazing, white, yellow, green, red, brown, golden, peach.... So I googled a picture and used the one above instead from here.