...these silver lines, travel from my thoughts to yours, wavering, floating like spirits dancing...

Friday, September 19, 2014

chemical network

It's amazing what you can do with your body. It's a perfect example of mind over matter. You can control how you work your body, how you make it look and feel, and that in turn controls the way you feel about yourself. So, the process is from outward towards inward.

Since I'm feeling quite positive, I am going to write about all that stuff that you makes you happy and leaves you smiling, no matter what has happened before, and it is basically quite necessary to keep your balance.

Surrounding yourself with only the good things, one can immediately feel the change. You can actually deceive yourself into thinking that you're happy by feeling happy. It's a good thing. You need to deceive yourself from time to time.

What is our body but just a mass of mostly water and chemicals and neurotransmitters and electrical signals pulsing through an intense network of blood and nerves and sinew and muscle and bone. When you allow your body to change with the outside environment and let it change you and accept the season of change as it comes, only then can you truly accept the tides of times as they sweep through the current of history.

So let love carry you forward as the cool winds of mountainous plains and push you forward and lift you upward to a higher plain of new living. Start fresh today!

Monday, September 15, 2014

post reflections

Deepest. Truest. Oldest. Eternal.

Beauty demands to be seen. To be appreciated. To be absorbed. To be lived.

Pain demands to be felt. To be forgotten. To cease to exist.

The world spins around like a wheel ever turning on its axis, while you sit and wait for the shadows to lengthen across the backyard, watching as the sun goes down, another universe has already started somewhere and worlds within worlds spin madly on and on...

Seasons change and green changes to brown before it disappears forever into the earth.

Hear yourself in the million reflections ricocheting off the puddles of life.

Out, beyond yourself, deeper and further than the deepest, farthest realms of your self, beyond the softest embrace and the most enchanting secrets of the universe, lies a world completely unfiltered and devoid of materialistic gains and the soul lies bare and compact in its entirety.

The truth is shrouded within layers of love and the promise of a sky brimming with rain clouds, ever floating and wavering over dry, parched lands that have never seen it melt.

Ants creep up over the wall outside and creeping vines encase the wall and all the secrets within, sealing with a loving promise. An understood promise of trust and the oldest companionship witnessed by man.

Nature in all its most cruel and bewitching beauty gives man everything he has ever deeply yearned for and is everything he needs to live a life of promise and deepest gratitude and satisfaction.