...these silver lines, travel from my thoughts to yours, wavering, floating like spirits dancing...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a sweet, sweet poison flows in the veins. Like water rushing over mountainous rock, it follows a dangerous path from the heavens above to the dark caves below. As the water drips drop by drop in the cave's watery darkness, the poison fills me and intoxicates me beyond repair. I am rendered helpless, paralyzed, as your face swims into view and the heavens light up in your eyes. They burn twice, one in each orb. I burn with them too. Like the vines twisting themselves around old bark, giving new life, I too, twist and turn around you, dancing as dervishes have since the oldest time.

You do not know this dance, for it is mine alone. The red embers have been cloaked in the most delicate, fine black silk. The light from my lamp cast long shadows on your beautiful face. Your eyes glitter with the old fire once again. I take your hand and guide you through the darkness. Together we alight the silver light and emerge from the dark cave to this land of green beauty and glide through the fresh, pure air among pink and gold clouds. It's chilly but not cold and I close my eyes. When I open them again, I am alone once more.

It is late. My madness is an intoxicant for you. You cannot see me. But I see you. I smile at you and ask you, 'Guider mine, where have you been?'
You say, 'But I have been here, always, in your heart', and touch my heart saying this. I could have been touched by angel's wings. The light from your heart enters mine and collides into a million shooting stars exploding in all directions all at once. With a beatific smile I look at you with your eyes brimming with love, secrets and old history... our souls intertwine and become one with the universe. I am forever your beloved slave. You, my willing captive and helpless lover.

*Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge*

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Hum anjuman mein sab ki taraf daikhte rahay
Apni tarha se koi akela nahin milla...'

- Mustafa Zaidi