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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mission: weight loss! Destination: unknown!

So you know how they say a little bit of spring cleaning is good for the house? Well, the same goes for the bodies! The weather's changing, and pretty soon, we'll all be shedding all those heavy layers of wool and knitwear, and that means revising your wardrobe before the new season. Recently going through my pictures taken at a party, I was shocked to see how the long, usually elegant sari failed miserably to look elegant on me, partly because maybe I was not wearing it the right way and partly because - I looked fat! With a sigh and a heavy heart, I realized how the recent years had taken their toll on me and my body, and oh how I missed my old photogenic self! That was the turning point. That's it! I thought, no more junk food, no more eating to my heart's content, no more sodas (not that I had many before to begin with) and no more fatty food! Hello exercise! and healthy eating :)

This is really very good, believe me. I've been feeling positive about everything since then. Having a really good breakfast, keeping myself hydrated, eating fresh fruit, and going for walks in the park with my mum. That is one thing that I really like. I simply cannot stress more upon the virtues of working out, in any way you can, for weight loss. The walks energized  and revitalized me and all those feel good endorphins really gave me that extra kick! P.S. Going to parks has another advantage, you can take swings and have a go at them like nobody's business and boy, was that a fun experience! It really brought back all those childhood memories and I remember feeling overwhelmed that day just by swinging and tilting my head back to watch as the sun and the clouds swayed in my vision...

So that is what I have been upto, and reading books and watching films that I'd been itching to get back to since I was busy with my thesis for the past year, oh and a little bit of cooking too :) Here's what I start my day with: a gorgeous soft boiled egg with a golden runny yolk that runs like liquid gold with a toasted slice of brown bread and black coffee. I season the egg generously with salt and pepper, and sometimes spread a thin layer of garlic mayonnaise that my mum makes, it is so divine!

And here is what I made for lunch the other day:

Hot and garlicky Fusilli with stir fried veggies

For the veggies I used an aubergine, 1 tomato, 1 green pepper, 3 small potatoes and 2 cups of green beans. Cut in fairly big chunks. Boiled the potatoes separately. Then in a pan I fried some chili flakes in olive oil, added some chopped garlic and added the veggies by turns so that they were coated with the garlicky spicy oil. Boiled and readied the pasta in the meanwhile. Added seasoning to the veggies, which was just some salt and pepper, oregano and rosemary and small sloshes of Worchestershire sauce and oyster sauce. Then all that remained to be done was dunk the veggies in the pasta and mix and serve onto plates! :) It was so much fun making this and I really enjoyed the vegetables. More on food later.