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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indian Films in Pakistani cinemas?

I have difficulty believing that our country does not possess enough talent or resources of its own to create and improve upon its entertainment industry and cultural promotion awareness, that it must now rely so much on Indian sources of entertainment - and that too Indian films. Our film history dates back, if not as far back as the Indian one, then almost equally so. Our actors, actresses, directors, producers, singers, makeup artists, set-designers, production crew have almost as much of an experience working in the film medium, if not less than the Indian film industry's. Why then this sudden reliance on the India film industry at our local cinemas and cineplexes?

I have often believed that our country is blessed with more artistic talent than most nations. Our history is a testament to this fact. If this were not true, we would not have had such great writers or poets, artists, painters, or sculptors, or musicians or singers, writers or playwrights, actors of the stage or philosophers of science and life.

The fact that we have not always been able to cash in on the great fortune - for this talent is a blessing in deed - is in fact a sorry fact. Yet, despite this, one gets to find and meet wonderful people - people on a same wavelength as yourselves - who are doing their part, in whichever big or small way or whatever manner, in not only preserving the heritage of our culture, art and history, but have taken the bold and brave step to progress it further, so that it doesn't remain stagnant, so the beauty of our life is never forced to pause in the pages of history, but that it goes on, flows on and blossoms as life blossoms, changes as our life changes, and becomes a live witness to our society and its evolution with its minute intricacies. Kudos to them!