...these silver lines, travel from my thoughts to yours, wavering, floating like spirits dancing...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Frenzied, chaotic, these movements of love
They move on, on and on
Wildly, in circles, forever in circles
Twisting from beginning till end,
Forever, in mad turns
Adoration in praise
Lost in the depth
Found on the surface
A never-ending spiral

Twist, turn and a fling of the arms
like wings on a flight
of self projected love,
a journey of a thousand days
mapped in a single night


In reverence of the age old classic of this beautiful poetry:

Ye Joh Halka Halka Saroor Hai
YeTeri Nazar Ka Qasoor Hai
Ke Sharab Peena Sikha Diya
Tairay Pyar Nai, Teri Chaah Nai
Teri Behki Behki Nigaah Nai
Mujhay Ik Sharabi Bana Diya…

Tera Pyar Hai Meri Zindagi
Tera Pyar Hai Meri Bandagi
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi,
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi
Na Namaz Aati Hai Mujhko,
Na Wazoo Aata Hai
Sajda Kar Leta Hoon,
Jab Saamnay Tu Aata Hai
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai.... 

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