...these silver lines, travel from my thoughts to yours, wavering, floating like spirits dancing...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

t i m e l e s s

The moment that time has forgot. The Oneness and Unity of all things have melted into the nothingness of winter soil. Nothing springs from it except the dust that has scattered around like moths around the everlasting flame in the darkness. Out beyond the light and sun, meadows of green fields beckon and sway with gentle folds intermittently into one another like ocean waves always calling out to each other and gently crashing against one another. Books scatter with their pages fluttering around like free birds that can never be held captive to time nor man. My heart swells with pride to see their free, happy trajectory as I scan through the pages and run my fingers across the many lines of words that are as open roads for a hungry traveler set out on a long forgotten journey.

With the flicker of a flame distances shorten and the world becomes whole again. Cracks cease to exist and make everything as it was before. Setting aside the books and their fluttering pages for a while, I become lost in the ethereal beauty of the tiny branching cracks now filling up with light like tiny membranes around a thin translucent cover of a dream. With quickening breath, my hand traces the cracks one by one, until all have been illuminated by the omnipresent light and then they quickly dissipate.

On a hill somewhere among the clouds, a little stone house beckons me and waits for time eternal. Like notes played in true moments, everything reveals itself in tiny reflections around the glistening dew. Rain falls. More clouds gather. Fire crackles through the stone house. God and Time are One. Hanging those notes by the string of music, the storm rages on and the wild forest becomes still.

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